Pre & Post Natal

Pre natal Pilates is an area where there are many benefits to be gained for mental, emotional and physical health.  Also pelvic floor health is an area which is often overlooked or “brushed off” by the medical profession.  Have a good, toned, healthy pelvic floor (perhaps more correct to say pelvic diaphragm) is essential and it is really important to perform pelvic diaphragm exercises correctly (it is so easy to cheat and it isn’t about squeezing as hard as you can!). Also important is doing exercise without impact. Low impact does not mean easy or boring, believe me.

The important base to start is the beginning, to understand the exercise history, stage of pregnancy and whether there are any medical complications or concerns about the pregnancy. Then, a Pilates based exercise program may be prescribed.

Of course, the exercise program will need to be modified on a regular basis in order to accommodate the changing demands of the body as the pregnancy progresses. Each exercise prescription must be different as each pregnancy is different although there are specific guidelines which do need to be adhered to according to each trimester.

The good news is that  Pilates exercise can be continued and indeed should be encouraged (however adjustments and modifications must be made as the pregnancy progresses. Also you will need to take into account how you feel. This can vary a great deal). There is now evidence to show that exercise in pregnancy can help towards  an easier labour, healthy birth weight for baby and a contented mum!

Post natal Pilates training

You now have your baby and coping with the demands of being a new mum.  It is essential to put aside some time for you. You may be overwhelmed by tiredness  or just too busy however, the fitter, healthier and more relaxed you are, the more you will be able to cope with everything.  Remember Pilates is also about relaxing your body, dampening down your sympathetic system (ie flight, fright or freeze) and focussing on your breath.  If we can get that right it will help your sleep patterns, energy levels  and appetite for good nutrition and life.

If you have a diastasis recti (a separation of the rectus abdominus muscle) I have experience of working with this condition and can suggest relevant, safe and appropriate exercise.  Even if you had your baby years ago you may still be wondering “why isn’t my tummy looking “normal”, why is it still “flabby” – it is worth our having a conversation. Sit ups are NOT the answer. Pelvic floor issues can also be addressed and spoken about in confidence and without judgement. I may also suggest you talk to a medical professional (eg pelvic health physio) if I consider this is the best first step.

The power of the breath also cannot be dismissed and will be a part of your Pilates program. When I work with someone I look at it all in a holistic way, taking into account your time available, health/medical history, experience, commitments, mental, physical and emotional  requirements and expectations. It’s your journey.

For an ante or post natal program based on Pilates, contact Wendy for further information on 07951 922750 or