Pilates - One on One Sessions

Sometimes group courses are not what you immediately need or want. Where this is the case, I offer “one on one” or “two on one” Pilates instruction.

I find such sessions particularly beneficial if you are recovering from an injury and need more intensive instruction or are simply new to Pilates and want to fully understand and practise the principles of the exercises and with good technique. It can take time to become accustomed to the exercise (and yes, this can be frustrating sometimes).

I’m always happy to liaise with your medical practitioner, eg physiotherapist, if you agree, to ensure your injury/rehab is completely understood. Sometimes the message is lost if too much technical jargon is given to you. It is much more effective if we work as a team to create the optimum exercise programme for you. Everything is confidential of course.

Also, some people find it difficult to commit to a class and so individual tuition is ideal as sessions are structured to fit around your schedule/needs. I work with each client as an individual – there is no “one size fits all” approach and I believe that is one of my strengths.

Many people find they try a Pilates DVD or read a book first and then find themselves confused or not really understanding what they are hearing or unsure how they should “feel” an exercise. A couple of individual sessions can really help to understand the Pilates principles and so obtain more benefit from this exercise discipline. I would also state that it is very easy to cheat with Pilates so then you find the exercises are not effective or efficient. One common pitfall is “abdominal bracing” whereby you try too hard using the wrong abdominal muscles (or other muscles) trying to get the fastest result and are left wondering why the exercises do not change your body shape or strength. Pilates can also enhance physical performance and balance. It also has an excellent effect on circulation, lymphatic movement and overall body strength and alignment.

I use Emmett therapy (where appropriate) in my Pilates sessions which can quickly improve range of movement and reduce pain and discomfort. The outcome is often immediate and I have experienced many clients saying “wow” at the result!

Individual tuition can address all of the above and more and in fact is a good investment of your time and money.
You may wish to consider sharing session(s) with a friend providing you are of a similar level.

Cost is £65.00/hour.

Sessions cancelled without 24hrs  notice (unless Covid 19 related) may incur a cancellation fee of £30 or a session forfeited.

For further information call Wendy on 07951 922750 or

email: info@challengefitness.co.uk