About Challenge Fitness

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For me, fitness and health is a passion. Bodies love to move, bodies need movement even, and perhaps especially,  when there is dis-ease and discomfort.  I work with each person as an individual.  I look at the whole person, not just a part and so your work-life balance, movement/fitness levels, sleep hygiene, hydration, objectives and nutrition are all considered.  I also have a network of other professionals to whom I can refer if necessary.

One aspect unique to me as a Pilates instructor in Wokingham is that I am also an Emmett practitioner. By looking at how you move, where you feel tension perhaps due to injury or habit I can apply Emmett therapy to improve how your body functions/feels. It is a powerful combination when added to Pilates/back care exercises. It’s amazing how your body can respond to light touch and make you feel so much better within yourself again, not just physically  but emotionally and mentally too.

“To say Wendy is a miracle is understatement. She has taken what was pretty much a broken and weak body and helped me transform it into one that is strong and supple and does what it is supposed to do. Consequently I am now a complete Pilates convert who practices at home on a daily basis.” JM (2021)

I’ll work with you to:

  • learn/ practise Pilates and improve posture and instil a feeling of well being
  • achieve your objectives
  • improve balance, stability, mobility
  • relieve tension and feel greater comfort in your body and emotional well-being

Who is Challenge Fitness? What services are offered?

Challenge Fitness is Wendy Hamilton (MCMA),  Pilates teacher, ACSM qualified and registered with CIMPSA instructor. Wendy is also an Emmett Practitioner, Emm-Tech tutor and Breast Cancer Rehab Coach.  Wendy teaches Tai Chi Fit to cancer patients at My Cancer My Choices charity as a volunteer and has experience with teaching Pilates to cancer patients. Pilates classes in Wokingham and Sindlesham and online via ZOOM are offered.

The following services are offered:

  • Pilates; group classes in Wokingham and Sindlesham plus “one on one” and “two on one” Pilates sessions
  • Low back care programme – REPS level 4 qualified
  •  Exercise programme suitable for those with breast cancer and which are safe to do post surgery and during cancer treatment.
  • Tai Chi Fit group classes – currently not taking place.
  • Exercise programming for the independent older adult, including balance exercises to reduce the risk of falling
  • Ante and post natal exercise
  • Emmett Technique. A unique body therapy which has been shown to :
    • relieve tensions resulting in feelings of improved comfort of the body
    • result in the following typical responses; improved comfort and ease in the back, knees, neck, shoulders etc
    • enhance mood
  • Emm-Tech short courses (one day)

Corporate training days for both Pilates and Tai Chi Fit are also offered. Enhance your employees well being and reduce stress levels by introducing such sessions into the workplace or for team building or other corporate days.


For further information email: info@challengefitness.co.uk or phone 07951 922750