Low Back Pain Management - Next Steps

Having low pain back can be a difficult time not just for the individual but also for the sufferer’s family, friends and work colleagues. Whilst I cannot and do not offer a magic solution to change this I do believe exercise and a review of the individuals attitude and management of low back pain can go a long way towards improving matters. Often one needs to look not just at the history of the back pain but also how you deal with pain and indeed how those closest to you deal with your pain. Occasionally their behaviour may not be helping you – they may be trying to “protect” you too much. Also, taking time out to consider how you move and function can have a dramatically beneficial effect on low back pain. A cognitive behavioural approach is also adopted.

Low Back Pain Management Consultations.

The first meeting may be different from what you may expect, we don’t necessarily start immediately on an exercise plan but rather I work with you using various “tools”. Such areas for review and discussion would be

  • Posture
  • How you move, what movements are expected of you in your usual day
  • Exercise routine/ activity
  • Attitudes and belief surrounding low back pain
  • Setting goals and objectives and later reviewing them
  • Meeting with your family as necessary

Each consultation is approx 1 hour long although the first is likely to be longer.

After the initial consultation an exercise programme is created specifically for you to help with the management of low back pain. There is no special equipment to buy, there is no gym to join although these would be options for you.  There are no pre-designed “one size fits all” programmes. I treat everyone as an individual and each case is different.

For more information or a chat;

Contact Wendy on 07951 922750, or
email: info@challengefitness.co.uk to book your session.

Fees are £60 per hour.