Welcome to Challenge Fitness 

“Your Success in life does not altogether depend on ability and training.
It also depends on your determination to grasp opportunities that are presented to you”

Challenge Fitness presents those opportunities.

Everyone has the ability to reach their desired state of fitness and health. Together we can work to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

For me, fitness and health is a passion. Bodies love to move, bodies need movement even, and perhaps especially,  when there is dis-ease and discomfort.  Each person is an individual and is treated as such.

What people say

EMM Tech Short Course

I recently had the pleasure of attending an EMM-Tech training course run by Wendy. Wendy is great trainer, very engaging and enthusiastic. Everyone who attended was encouraged to try the techniques taught by Wendy, with most of us seeing marked improvements in pre-existing conditions following the application of the EMMT technique. Thank you Wendy for giving me a new skill and a worthwhile training experience.

EMM-Tech Short Course

I recently attended an Emmett Therapy course taught by Wendy Hamilton. What a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day - as a yoga teacher I now have another "tool" in my box to enhance and improve the service I already provide to my clients. The techniques will come in very handy for myself, my friends and family too. Amazing how much I learnt in one day! Thank you Wendy for your enthusiasm, your relaxing and patient tone and voice, and your professionalism. In fact I look forward to attending more modules with you next year hopefully!

Personal Training

Wendy Hamilton has been coming to us as a personal trainer for over 10 years. She has helped significantly in maintaining and improving our fitness , and will aim her work-out levels to meet our current abilities. She is always up-dating her knowledge, and we would thoroughly recommend her.


I've attended Pilates classes run by Wendy for nearly 10 years. In that time Wendy has seen me through a pregnancy, major back problems and helped me to keep my body generally healthy and flexible. She's an exceptionally professional and experienced instructor; very attentive to your individual fitness needs, even in a group environment, by adapting exercises or offering alternatives depending on mobility, experience or injury. I highly recommend Wendy's Pilates classes and look forward to attending them for another 10 years!