Emmett Treatments

What you should expect & cost

In discomfort, reduced mobility, feeling tired and maybe in need of some relaxation or “maintenance”?

I believe I can help you.

In your appointment and maybe beforehand you will be asked some questions about your general health and reason for your visit. Treatments are usually done whilst you are fully clothed although you may be asked to remove thick jumpers etc or other bulky clothing or jewellery. Sometimes clothing needs to be loosened. Often the treatment is conducted standing up or sat. It is not always necessary to lie down. Allow up to 45 mins for a treatment.

Appointments must be made in advance. For appointments call 07951 922750 or email using the link below

Fees are £60 for the initial treatment and £50 thereafter. Special package of 3 treatments taken within 21 days max for £140 paid on the first treatment date. A saving of £20.

A cancellation charge of £40 may be made if you fail to show for a treatment or cancel within 24 hours (unless Covid-19 related). Please note following the easing of the covid 19 restrictions from 19 July 2021 the high standard of cleaning is maintained.  You are no longer required to wear a mask for your treatment . If you feel safer wearing one that is fine. I will continue wearing a mask  for your further safety. If you would prefer I remove this I am happy to do so.

A bit more detail

Treatment times can vary depending on what needs to be done. I have been trained to assess quickly what treatment is required and I have the ability to adapt to your needs. There are no side effects and the treatment does not involve any manipulation of you. It is gentle although you may feel the body reacts in some way, eg heat or tingling. The treatments frequently leave you feeling good, lengthened and often your symptoms will have gone completely or lessened. Treatments can also be undertaken for relaxation.

The number of treatments needed does vary from person to person. A single treatment can suffice but people often benefit from having several sessions. Some people come to me for “maintenance” or for relaxation or to release tension/anxiety and to simply feel good once again. I have a number of clients who feel tired, or generally unwell and they have benefited from EMMETT therapy, often feeling less tired, with less discomfort and better balance and mobility after a treatment.

The treatment is suitable for people of all ages.  Please note that EMMETT does not treat specific conditions but may help with the symptoms of medical conditions, for example, easing discomfort, increasing range of movement, reducing restrictions of movement. It may also help when other traditional forms of treatment have not been so successful. You can combine other treatments with EMMETT therapy too.

For further information call Wendy on 07951 922750 or
email: info@challengefitness.co.uk