Lower Back Pain Management

I hold the prestigious Premier Global Training company’s diploma in Exercise for the management of Low Back Pain and continue to update my knowledge through CPD and liaison with medical professionals eg osteopaths, physios.  Low Back pain is of particular interest to me being a sufferer of it and I know first hand how debilitating and miserable it can make you – if you let it! Non specific low back pain often has no root, organic cause and can come on suddenly and go just as fast although it can linger. Often it will be recurring, flaring up for no obvious reason and when you least expect it, for example, just bending to pick something up.

So what can you do about it?

There is so much you can do to help this condition. A supervised exercise programme with a combined cognitive behaviour approach whilst looking at your attitudes, beliefs and own reaction to the pain can bring about positive, beneficial changes to your condition. See Next Steps.


Low back pain is a very common condition affecting about 80% of the population of adults at some point in their lives. Low back pain is the number 2 reason for work absence (after mental health). Many people feel that low back pain affects their life; work and social: also it can affect their physical, emotional and mental well-being. There is no magic solution to it (how I wish there were!). BUT and it is a big but, you, the individual can change so much to improve living with back pain, whether the pain is constant or sporadic.

I would look to work with you where your low back pain condition is not improving after 6 weeks or where there is regular recurrence. We would look at how to have you moving safely again, through exercise, progressing to do more each time but always working as a team and using objectives and goals set by you. I would encourage and support you as you increase levels of activity thus enabling you to start enjoying life again. It is a simple yet effective approach which looks to manage the condition in the long term rather than relying on a purely medical approach which which may “fix” the problem in the short term. I am happy to work with your medical professional (eg physiotherapist) as necessary to ensure we create the best environment for you to work in. In short, it is an intelligent approach to back pain.

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